Blevit Organic Baby Biscuits

The natural way to start your baby into complementary feeding
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Blevit Organic Baby Biscuits are plain, sweet and soft biscuits with gluten for babies from 6th months onwards.
Blevit Baby Biscuits contribute their diet with fiber, carbohydrates, proteins and vitamin B1, that are essential compounds for a correct growth and development of the body.

Blevit Organic Baby Biscuits are:

  • Ideal to help to introduce babies to solid foods and the chewing process, helping them to accept new aromas and textures.
  • The perfect snack. Ideal for breakfast, afternoon snacks or at any time of the day as part of a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.
  • Designed to be a finger food and particularly for small hands of the baby. 
  • Easy to dissolve, Blevit Organic Baby Biscuits have been made so that they dissolve easily on the baby’s mouth and also on milk or juices.

Blevit Organic Baby Biscuits also help them in the eye to hand coordination, and in the development of the infant’s jaw bones, muscles and teeth, helping them to self-feed. They are also appropriate during the teething phase.

Organic Baby Bicuits
This product is certificated as a European organic product, this body assures the origin of the ingredients and accredits the entire production chain, from the field of cereals until the finished product.

The ingredients which are used in Blevit Organic Baby Biscuits have been cultivated without chemical synthetic fertilizers or pesticides (fungicides, insecticides, or herbicides) and therefore there are no residues of these substances in the biscuits. 
In addition, they are based on cereals that are not genetically modified (GMO) and are manufactured using agricultural techniques that aim to preserve the environment.


Blevit Organic Baby Biscuits are an excellent option as a part of the baby’s diet once cereals with gluten have been introduced. They are recommended in the baby’s complementary feeding from the age of 6 months onwards

This easy and nutritive snack is ideal since it provides babies and toddlers with energy, fiber, carbohydrates, proteins that are essential for their correct growth and development.

Always keep an eye on children while they are eating. Before including new food in your baby's diet, please talk to the pediatrician who is monitoring the child's growth and development.


Wheat flour*, cane sugar*, sunflower oil*, butter*, leavening agents (ammonium hydrogen carbonate, sodium hydrogen carbonate), emulsifier: sunflower lecithin*, natural vanilla flavor, vitamin B1. Product contains wheat. May contain soy, eggs.

(*) From organic agriculture.


Blevit Organic Baby Biscuits is available in Saudi Arabia (180g).

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