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Blevit D

United Arab Emirates
The instant tea that relieves difficult digestions and colics of your baby
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Blevit D is an instant tea made of soluble plant extracts (chamomile and fennel) which are carefully selected and controlled. Chamomile and fennel are known for helping digestion and for relieving symptoms of colic or other digestive discomfort, as they have carminative (relieving flatulence), eupeptic (aiding digestion) and antispasmodic properties.

When chamomile is used with tea, it provides relief from digestive discomfort which can occur in cases of flatulence or intestinal spasms.

Fennel is useful for aerophagia and flatulence.

The product can be prepared instantly and can be served either hot or cold. Blevit D is made of natural ingredients and does not contain artificial flavouring or sucrose.

Blevit D can be consumed by children, adolescents and adults. It facilitates the intake of liquid, given its pleasant taste, and aids in rehydration.


Blevit D is indicated in cases of mild digestive disorders like colic that can cause discomfort and restlessness in the baby. It is also useful on slow and heavy digestion. Gluten Free.


Dextrose, fennel concentrate 2,7%, glucose syrup, chamomile concentrate 1,6%, natural fennel flavour.


Blevit D is prepared by dissolving 2 full teaspoons (10 g) of the powder into 100 ml of water previously boiled. It is not necessary to add sugar.


Product available in Saudi Arabia (200g)

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